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      Detailed Description:

        LiTaO3(LT) optical crystals, a kind of  transparent crystal, with many kinds of effects like piezoelectricity, electro-optics, acousto-optics, non-linear optics, are excellent materials for acoustic transmission medium and high frequency transducers. LT crystals can be widely used in electro-optical devices, laser frequency multiplier and acousto-optic devices.

        Application: surface acoustic wave filter, resonator, Q-switch, optical modulator, acoustooptic switch, laser frequency doubling, optical parametric oscillator, optical storage, high temperature and high frequency ultrasonic detector, infrared detector and optical pickup device.

        Characteristics of optical grade LT crystals:

        1、crystal structure: trigonal system

        2、space groups:R3C

        3、lattice parameter:a = 5.154 ?   c = 13.783 ?

        4、melting point:1650℃

        5、density:7.45 g /cm3

        6、Curie temperature:610℃

        7、Moh's hardness:5.5~6

        8、coefficient of thermal expansion:a a=1.61×10 -6 / k    a c= 4.1×10 -6 / k

        9、transmitting waveband:400~5000nm

        10、refractive index: n0=2.176  ne=2.180 @633nm



        Innovation point: Through the crystal growth machine’s modification in rotating and lifting system, the stability of crystal growth interface and growth rate become higher. Also the defects caused by the influence of crystal rotating and rising disturbance on the solid-liquid interface during the crystal growth process are reduced. we create simulation of crystal growth system and can design crystal shape. The computer chip control the changing of crystal shape according to crystal growth status, through the processing of precision sensor signals. The ultra low gradient interface growth temperature field we self-designed make the quality of optical crystals much better.

      Optical grade lithium tantalate crystals and wafers


      Lithium tantalate optical film

      Various lithium tantalate LT shaped blocks

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